Support Radical Life Extension Research

Support efforts to develop and advance radical life extension research and technologies. There are many reasons for defeating human aging. Radical life extension technologies might help humans to live indefinitely. There are many ways to potentially support the development of radical life extension technologies.

Radical life extension technologies mean the defeat of aging. That is, they will enable humans to live indefinitely. There is no proof that these sorts of technologies cannot be developed. Biological aging kills thousands of humans each day and this is a tragic present reality.

Support SENS Research Foundation. Support Alcor Life Extension Foundation. Read the book Ending Aging which was written by Aubrey de Grey and Michael Rae. Human aging is a problem to be solved. Many individuals are quite hesitant to support the development of technologies that may lead to the defeat of human aging.

One popular reason to rationalize the lack of support for radical life extension technologies is logic that if such technologies are developed then too many secondary problems would arise from the development of such technologies. If one looks for ways how the potentially negative consequences of developing radical life extension technologies can be over come it is not hard to find them. For example, worsening over population might be a problem associated with radical life extension technologies. However, regardless of whether or not these technologies are developed, humans will have to engage in off Earth colonization eventually.

Additionally, it radical life extension technologies are developed, it will be at least about four hundred years before any human reaches the age of being five hundred years of age. If these technologies are developed, there will be many years to create solutions for the potential problems. Humans are capable of amazing feats and if humans have the ingenuity and creativity to develop radical life extension technologies, then it seems humans will also have the creativity and ingenuity to develop solutions to problems that might arise from the development of such technologies.

Aging is quite tragic. Hopefully more individuals will support efforts to develop radical life extension technologies. It will be good when aging is stopped.

Michael Ten

Michael Ten is an author and artist.