Grassroots Activism Towards Defeating Aging

This is about grass roots activism towards defeating aging. If enough individuals demand meaningful changes in the status quo (increasing funding towards research that may help to defeat aging and possible also to have aging reclassified as a disease, or to at least something for which drugs can be approved by the FDA to successfully treat), then positive change will happen.

We could pick a day of the month or quarter or week to engage in more focused grassroots activism related to this worthwhile cause.

We can potentially email, Tweet, and/or call politicians and political bodies (FDA and so forth). We should let our voices be heard. There are no shortages of ways to engage in grassroots activism. If enough individuals call for change in thoughtful, persistent, and creative ways, then change will happen.

Science and biomedicine have never been as advanced as they are now, and the rate of change is accelerating.

There is the longevity party in a bus driving across the nation. We may not be in a bus, but we can still make a difference. Defeating aging is a worthwhile goal for humanity to strive towards. How many more lives will end because of aging in our life times?

Michael Ten

Michael Ten is an author and artist.

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