Extreme Longevity Is Feasible and Desirable

Achieving radical life extension and extreme longevity is both feasible and desirable. Having the capacity to live for an exceptionally long time is what most people want, and at one point in time or the other, the questions ‘why do people grow so old?’ and ‘why can’t we live longer?’ must have crossed our minds. Of course, another question that comes to mind is ‘how come some plants live for hundreds of years and humans do not?’. Well, the good news is, with relentless research and work; it is possible for humans to also attain extreme longevity.

Extreme longevity is the capacity for humans to live for many years, longer than the average life expectancy we know. Researchers have demonstrated that extreme longevity can be at least theoretically attained. Some researchers have used genetic therapy on the human biological makeup, and more effectively, trying to target cancer cells which are known for their rapid aging processes. This approach has already elongated the number of years lived by lung cancer patients in clinical trials. These plus other break-throughs in medical research are forging a way to the prevention, treatment and even cure of conditions and diseases that plague the human body and causes rapid aging and untimely death.

Even though the exact route to extreme longevity is still undiscovered, research is ongoing to ensure more discoveries are made in view of elongating the lifespan of the human race and eradicating diseases.

By defeating aging, most all men and women will potentially live healthy lives of over 100 years or more in the not too distant future. Most researchers do not pinpoint a specific year when these extended lives will be the norm, but going by the success rate in research and the effort invested into it, some speculate that those born in the most recent decade are likely to witness life as super centenarians (that is, living for 110 years or more). This will help reduce the rate at which human aging kills people. As of now stands, about 100,000 people die each day from biological aging, which equates to about 36,000,000 people each year! This figure is more than triple the population of people living in Sweden, more than double of those living in Netherlands, and also more than the population of people living in Canada!

Apart from the aforementioned benefits of defeating aging and the benefits of extreme longevity research, another benefit is that this could be the breakthrough that will defeat cancer, which remains one of the major causes of death, not only in older people, but also in young individuals by causing rapid cell proliferation and consequent generation of variant and resistant cell types. Also, unlike the beliefs of most people, defeating aging is ultimately a realistic and feasible project. <!–×576.jpg originally published on 9/13/2016–>

Michael Ten

Michael Ten is an author and artist.